Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does She Look Like A Novelist?

Doesn't it just get your goat when Simon & Schuster buys books from rappers like Lil' Kim, (an unwritten novel for $40K) and Foxy Brown (an unwritten memoir for $75K)?  I mean, I could have told S&S that the ladies weren't going to deliver. Think of all the time, trouble, and money saved (because now they have to sue to get their paid advances back) by not being seduced by celebrity and having instead bought my (half-written, but amazing) novel. I'd even go get arrested if I thought it would help. 

Read the AP story here or MTV coverage if you're too hip for the wires.


Anonymous said...

Her author photo is a tad smirky.

Pauline said...

At least some of that money goes to ghost writers, many of whom write literary fiction too!

Writer, Rejected said...

They all have to give back the money, yo. No book, no clams. Even the ghost writers, I imagine.

Anon: I wonder if Darin Strauss saw your funny comment. Then he wouldn't feel so bad about his smirk.